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Protecting the environment is the duty of every citizen of our society. We must act consciously and insist on protecting the environment around us and protecting the environment anytime, anywhere, and is the most valuable place to protect human beings.

Humans come not only from nature but also by nature. The natural environment is the necessary material condition for people to survive and develop. In today 's society, environmental pollution, ecological damage is serious, ecological balance is becoming more and more serious. China in recent years, due to people's environmental awareness is weak, serious ecological damage, environmental problems more severe. Global warming can cause changes in precipitation and wet and dry conditions in all regions of the world, leading to changes in the economic structure of countries around the world. Due to the impact of human activities, especially human deforestation, deforestation, and environmental pollution, the loss of wildlife habitat and the deterioration of the living environment, coupled with the wild animals of the wanton hunting , So that the world's many wild animals and plants have been extinct or endangered. The world's existing 4,500 species of mammals, facing extinction accounted for 24%, while the existing about 9,500 species of birds, 12% is about to extinction. Of the approximately 10,000 species of woody plants known, 6% are on the verge of extinction, and the rate of extinction on the ball is 100 million times faster than the rate of formation! The With the rapid growth of the world's population, the increasing use of water, coupled with the increasing water pollution, has led to the destruction of many of the freshwater resources that could otherwise be used and the threat of water resources in many areas. Strong noise can cause hearing damage, if the long-term interference by the noise, the hearing is often less than the average person, so that noise seriously affects people's lives and health ... ... all this is all man himself created, this The consequences of the series are in the human heavy hammer hit the environment to protect the alarm, only one earth, self-destruct the earth is to destroy the survival of mankind's homes. Building environmental awareness has become a common requirement of the people of the world.

Have read an article called "this is not the Yuanmingyuan", the author twice to visit the Yuanmingyuan, the scenery is very different. On the Yuanmingyuan environmental protection put forward their own views, but also reflects the environmental protection in today's living conditions are good under the circumstances.

The so-called environmental protection, that is, the state for the protection and improvement of living environment, pollution prevention and other pollution, mainly to protect human health, promote national development and development of a measure established. With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, moral cultivation continues to improve, more and more attention to environmental protection. "Green Olympics" is a major commitment of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. It is not difficult to find the universality of the world's environmental protection. And environmental protection in modern society is how to show it?

Today's society, tourism is one of the hot work, many countries and regions to travel as a pillar of economic development. An important project in the tourism industry is environmental protection - in addition to natural resources, but also with human resources. This is the combination of Europe and the West better: dark yin deep, sunny charm, thrilling, classical strong, natural landscape variety; classic in the original protection of its premise, the right to increase tourism equipment, more importantly, to keep the environment primitive, Coupled with the traditional tourist source of humanistic scenery of colorful tourists in this environment, the hearts of how can not give birth to the feeling of relaxed and happy? How can you not sing the colorful nature?


Often in the television newspaper to see the topic of white pollution, but also often listen to grandparents said: before people carrying the basket to buy food, today, people empty-handed into the market, put forward is a plastic bag. Is this a change of time? Indeed, the development of society has brought convenience to our lives, but what is behind this convenience?

I and my mother checked with the Internet, according to the survey, plastic bags do not bad for thousands of years, floating into the forest lakes are pollution, the natural hazards are very large And the elimination of plastic bags only one way, with fire to destroy it. But when the fire is burning a few hours, smell pungent suffocating, but also the formation of a pollution to the atmosphere. The white garbage is increasing year by year, covering numerous forest meadows, and one day it may cover the whole earth.

Look at this paragraph of the text, so I was shocked. I decided to immediately implement a green pollution reduction action at home. Suddenly remembered my grandma in this area is doing better, every day to buy vegetables are carrying baskets, I let my grandmother also take a basket for her mother to buy food. Mom looked and said: "carrying this work to buy food is not convenient, can not be used to clean the plastic bag to re-use, or I can easily carry a bag can also." I have a reason, Help the mother to use the plastic bag clean and finishing, in order to re-use.

We are eager to blue sky, fresh air, sweet streams ... ... how I hope that everyone can start from small things, from their own start, the common intention to protect our homes, so that our planet will always have blue sky, clear water!


Modernization is necessary, since we can't go without it. Owing to the modernization, our life is improving day by day.


In ancient days, people usually worked on the day and went to bed early at night. But as Tomas Edison invented the lights, we can do anything both on the day and at night. Moreover, the transportation becomes much more convenient than before. Nowadays, we can go anywhere we like. And human beings can even travel in the universe.


However, every stick has two ends. Modernization also comes pollution. Now human beings always throw waste into our nature. That's why our earth becomes a dirty place.


If we continue to pollute our environment, our earth will be destroyed, so we have to do something to protect our environment. In the first place, we must form a good habit. Don't throw waste everywhere. Second, we had better go to work by bus or by bike, so as to reduce the tail gas. Third, the waste gas and water must be done before they are sent out. What's more, we should plant more trees and grasses to purify the air. At last, the government should make laws to prevent pollution.



With the improvement of our living standard, more and more people can afford a car. As a result, our roads are more often than not crammed with cars. However, with more and more waste gas being discharged by the cars, the problem of air pollution becomes even more serious. So nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life.

My suggestion is we should ride bikes more often instead of driving cars.By riding a bike, we can not only exercise our body but also protect our environment. Why not have a try, my dear friends?


In the face of the deterioration of the natural climate, so people from the daily behavior began to protect the Earth home - began a low-carbon life.

"Bite qin ... ...", with a burst of crisp and pleasant ringtones, opened the hazy sleepy eyes, hope the dawn into the window of the new day and began! Morning wash the clothes as usual, but wash your face with less water, only to save water resources; back bags, and go downstairs, get into the car to school, their car is no longer a refueling car , But environmentally friendly aerated cars, can reduce carbon emissions.

Into the school, laughter still, air conditioning and other high-power equipment has been idle for a long time, replaced by high-tech solar heating equipment, even the electric power is also used with the wind power.

School, the school is very noisy outside. Past snack stalls have ceased to exist, because the students in order to protect the environment has not eat snacks, because snacks in the production process will have a lot of carbon emissions.

Back home, quickly finished homework, and other students as in order not to stay up late, less electricity to save electricity.

Alarm clock is also the kind of battery with the kind of replacement, because the manufacturing process to produce a lot of carbon, waste batteries on the Earth's soil composition has a great destructive effect.

At the end of the meal, the alcoholic stove is made with bio-alcohol made of wheat straw and other raw materials. The televisions are also focused together, sometimes because of the differences in the preferences of the channel. However, in order to save electricity, Voting, a few to obey the majority to decide.

Earth, the flowers of our motherland are loving you, the only hope is to make your mottled face re-shine, no longer devour the human tsunami earthquake, the air can be fresh, the sky can be blue, the earth can be green, Harmony with nature and unity.


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