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2019年1月12日雅思A类大作文高分范文 购物中心和公园健身设施,什么才是一座新城市更需要的

2019年1月12日的雅思大作文话题有关社会生活,题目是购物中心和公园健身设施,什么才是一座新城市更需要的?When a new town is planned, it is more important to develop public parks and sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time in.To what extent do agree or disagree?本期范文来自雅思哥。


When planning a new town, the authorities have various factors to consider and need to prioritize the construction of different facilities. To encourage active lifestyles, in my opinion, it is more important to build public parks and sports facilities than shopping centers


Providing sports facilities is an effective way to improve city dwellers' health and thus reduce the government's budget for medical expenses in the long term. In this day and age, many people live a sedentary lifestyle, choosing to watch TV or play video games after work and collapsing in front of the screen every evening. With easy access to various kinds of sport facilities they are more likely to make exercise a regular part of their lives


The park is also a good place for exercise, particularly to those who are not interested in competitive sports. Jogging, dancing and practicing Tai Chi in the park are quite common among elderly citizens these days. In a park with high greening rate, plants and trees can absorb waste gases and provide green shade, creating a comfortable environment for city dwellers. Those who spend leisure time in the park can have close contact with nature and make themselves refreshed


By contrast, the main function of shopping centers is for people to buy various goods, but in today's world where on-line shopping is becoming increasingly prevalent, the role of physical stores seems to be weakened Large shopping centers can also include some leisure facilities such as cafés and cinemas, but these are not as important as parks and sports centers


To conclude, in the process of urban planning and construction, building parks and sports facilities should be emphasized, in comparison to develop ing.


2019年1月12日雅思大作文真题范文 新城市应该建更多的公园还是购物中心

雅思大作文写作真题:新城市应该建更多的公园还是购物中心 When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?





When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


本题属于社会生活类话题。讨论是否需要建造更多的公园和体育设施而非购物中心让人们度过空闲时光。考生在思考论点时需要涉及到两方论点的回应,且对于关键短语“spend free time〞的回应也不可缺失。








restrain from 抑制

contract diseases 患疾病

relieve of 从。。。。。。解脱

escape from 逃离

immune system 免疫体系

blood circulation 血液循环

is a preferable choice 是一个受喜爱的选择

Despite this,… 尽管如此

affordability 购买力

lead a healthy lifestyle 引领健康的生活方式


It is recommended/conceivable that… 主语从句

for the reason that… 同位语从句

…, which is conducive to… 非限定定语从句

Supposing that… 状语从句

Hardly can… 倒装句

…where… 定语从句

Consequently,… 副词放句首


In an attempt to provide a better way for citizens to spend their leisure time, it is recommended that more public parks or sports facilities rather than shopping centers should be constructed. As far as I am concerned, I completely agree with this proposal.


To commence with, the construction of sports facilities enables citizens to take more exercise in their free time, which is conducive to both physical and psychological health. In contemporary society, fiercer competition and heavy workload restrain employees from being relaxed, even cause them contract mental diseases such as depression. Supposing that devoted to a basketball or football match after work, they are able to relieve themselves of stress and escape from harsh reality temporarily. As for keeping fitness, it is conceivable that regular exercise strengthens immune system, improves blood circulation as well as increases the size of muscle fibers of body. Consequently, spending free time in sports activities is a preferable choice for the public.


In addition, public parks are places where residents can spend weekends with families and friends. Having a picnic or chatting, reading books, playing games with children are common activities they could do there. What’s more, the young and old can do running, jogging or Tai Chi in the mornings or evenings in parks. Without adequate parks, hardly can people engage in those actives during their free time.


Admittedly, shopping centers are useful business establishments in which people enjoy time off work by purchasing fancy goods. Despite this, merely a small proportion of citizens are able to attain such kind of enjoyment due to their affordability of items in malls. Therefore, investing resources in their construction fails to ensure the majority, particularly the poor and old, enjoy their leisure time.


In conclusion, I firmly support the number of public parks or sport facilities should exceed that of shopping malls, for the reason that the former benefits more people and serves a purpose in leading a healthy lifestyle for citizens.


2019年1月12日雅思写作大作文 社会生活类

2019年1月12日的雅思大作文题目为:When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?本期范文来自网络,本题讨论对于新建的城市,公共的体育设施、公园和购物中心,哪一个更有用。


While the price of real estate is rocketing in metropolitan cities in recent decades, the living space for city dwellers is drastically squeezed. This situation does not only mean the square meter of their home, but also refer to the outdoor public space and commercial buildings they are allowed to utilize.


City residents need space to do outdoor activities. They need to walk their dogs, do exercises, or play with their little children. Equipped with some sports facilities, these places can serve a role of encouraging physical activities and healthy lifestyles. Public open space also facilitates local residents to meet their neighbors and feel to be included in a community. This sense of belonging can be vital for the establishment of a healthy and safe cohesive community. Open areas are the most significant for children. Especially for those children with no siblings, the public ground around their home is the place where they regularly socialize with their peers in their neighborhood.


Of course, plazas, gardens and parks occupy land, posing a real challenge for metropolis planners, who have to balance between the growing demand for residence as well as commercial buildings and recreational infrastructures. Furthermore, the size of such facilities should also be under scrutiny. A large civic central square does not actually serve a better function for local residents than a smaller one around home because the distance travelled between would be long, and this inconvenience can discourage people from regular participation. Imagine the Tiananmen Square, not in Beijing but in a town with small population in a regional area. Would it serve its best to local people?


Therefore, here is my conclusion that citizens deserve large commercial shopping centres for recreational purposes. In the meantime, small sporting facilities ought to be established outside each residential quarter.



Task 1




The charts below show the hours male and female workers work a week in government institutions and private companies.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.




The four pie charts compare how many hours male and female workers work per week in government institutions and private companies.


Up to 66% government workers( 30% male ones and and 36% female ones ) work more than 46 hours a week, while only 4% female employees in private companies work so long, considerably lower than that for their male counterparts(34%). However, fewer workers work 31-45 and 13-30 hours a week in government institutions than in private companies. To be more specific, as few as around 10% male and female employees are at work for that time , compared with approximately 23% in private companies.


Although there are 50% workers working 6-12 hours every week in total in both institutions, the figure for women workers in private companies is as many as 35%, different from that for private company male employees (merely 15%) , and for male and female government staff (23% and 27% separately). 23% government male workers work 1-2hours each week, 18% higher than that for those in private companies. It is interesting that the proportion of female workers who are at work 1-2 hours a week in government institution is the same as that in private companies, with both accounting for 18%.


Overall, most employees work more than 46 hours and 6-12 hours in government institutions and private companies.



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