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Which bus goes to the City Library please?请问哪趟公交车开往市图书馆?

Is this the bus that goes down Central Street?这趟车是去中央大街的吗?

Does this bus stop at the square?这趟车在广场停吗?

Where do I catch the bus to the zoo?去动物园的公交车在哪里乘坐?

2.How often does bus No. 301 come?301路公交车多久一班?

3.How many stops are there to Oxford University?去牛津大学要坐多少站?

4.Do I need a transfer?我需要转车吗?



5.How much is the fare to the stadium?去体育场的车票多少钱?

6.Excuse me, this is my stop.劳驾,我要下车。




bus fare公交车票价


bus pass公交卡

bus shelter公交候车亭

bus lane公交专用车道

bus station公交总站

bus stop公交停靠站


courtesy/reserved seat老弱病残孕专座


1.Let’s just hail a taxi.咱们干脆叫一辆出租车吧。


hail作名词有“冰雹”之意,在这里作动词,意为“大声招呼”,挥手拦出租车可以用flag down a taxi来表达。

2.Driver: Where are you heading?你要去哪儿?

Passenger: I’m going to the train station, please.劳驾,我要去火车站。


head作动词时意为“朝...行进”,例如:head home/north向家/北行进;其后面也可接for/toward/across等介词来指明方位,例如:head toward the river朝河边去。

3.Could you take me to the airport?能送我去机场吗?

4.Is the meter switched on?计价器开始计价了吗?


meter计价器;switch on开启

5.Would you mind making a quick stop?你能不能稍微停一下?


如果你要顺路接某人,可以说这句话让司机短暂停靠。如果你需要下车办事,很快就回来,也可以说Could you wait a minute for me here?

6.Are we almost there?我们快到了吗?

7.Have you got anything smaller?有没有面额小一点的?



8.May I have a receipt please?请问可以给我开张收据吗?




Y:Here. Keep the change.


X:Oh,thank you very much.


Y:You're welcome. By the way,is there a pay phone near here?


X:Yes, there's one just on the other side of this building. Do you have any small change?


Y:Yes, I do. Thank you.




A:Dad, do you know which bus we should take?


B:Of course, er, let me check the bus schedule first.


A:Be quick, please!


B:Why can't I find the bus your mother told me yesterday?


A:Mom has told you about the direction 3 times yesterday.


B:But I was watching American Idol at that time.


A:We need to ask someone.


B:Excuse me? Does this bus go to Xidan Book Building?


C:No, it doesn't. You need to take Bus 52.


B:Do I have to change to some other bus on the way?




B:I see, thanks. Oops! The Bus 52 is coming. Daniel, come on. Let's go.



take vt. 拿,取

schedule n. 时间表,一览表

quick adj. 快的,迅速的

ask vt. 问,要求

excuse vt. 原谅

change vt. 改变


A:It's my first visit to Prague, I'll be here for three days for a conference, then I have a day on my own to do some sightseeing before I head back home. What do you suggest I see when I'm here?

B:There are many interesting places you should be sure to see. One problem is transportation, however. Because the city is very old, the roads are narrow and congested. If you only have three or four days to visit, you don't want to spend them waiting in traffic in a cab. I suggest you take the subway.

A:The subway? But is there a subway station next to my hotel? I have to go between the conference center and the hotel several times a day.....

B:No worries, there's a subway station at the conference center itself, and a shuttle from your hotel to the conference center that takes only 5 minutes. When you do your personal sightseeing, you can first take the shuttle to the conference center, then hop on the metro.

A:Is it expensive to ride on the underground?

B:You can get a daily pass that will allow you to travel unlimited for the whole day for about 6 dollars. Otherwise, you can pay by trip, which is about 50 cents to 2 dollars each trip, depending on how far you go.

A:Is it easy to get lost?

B:No, no... .it's very hard to get lost. There are two lines, one that goes in a circle, the other that is straight. If you get


M:So, how should we get to the theatre? 哎,咱们怎么去剧院?

G:Let's take the bus. 坐公共汽车吧。

M:I hate the bus system in London! The bus drivers are rude, the buses are never on time, and there are few people around who can help you. 我讨厌伦敦的公共交通体系。公共汽车司机总是很粗鲁无礼,汽车从来都不按时到达,周围也没什么人能帮忙。

G:It's not that bad. You probably just had a bad experience once. 没那么糟糕吧。大概你你以前有过一次很糟糕的经历。

M:It wasn't just once. Every single time I take the bus, something bad happens to me or to someone else on the bus. 可不止一次.每次我坐公共汽车,总会遇到点什么情况,不是我就是车上的其他人。

G:We could take the subway, but we'd have to go three stops along one line and then change trains twice. 那咱们可以去坐地铁,但是得沿着一条线坐三站地,然后还得换2次车。

M:Train fares are twice as expensive as the bus fare, too. 地铁票价可是公共汽车的2倍呢。

G:If we don't hurry up, we'll miss the show. Should we take the bus? 如果咱们再不抓紧时间,可要误了这场演出了.坐公共汽车怎么样?

M:We're already late, so I think we had better take a taxi. 咱们已经晚了,我想还是打车吧。

G:I don't think we'll be able to find a taxi very easily during hush hours. Let's just take the bus. 我觉得在交通高峰期叫出租车不是那么容易的事情.还是坐公交车去吧。

M:Fine. Have a look at the timetable to find out when the next one arrives. 好吧.查查时间表,看看下一班车几点到。

G:It looks like it should be here in just a few minutes. don't worry. Nothing bad will happen. I'll even buy your ticket for you. 别担心,不会出什么状况的.我还可以替你买票。

M:Thanks, that was nice of you. 谢谢,你真好。 G:See, now something good has happened to you on a bus trip! 看见了吧,这次你坐公交车好事已经出现了!