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A: Excuse me, is this personnel division? B: Yes. What can I do for you?


A: I came about your advertisement for a senior production planner.


B: Oh. What’s your name?

A:我来应聘你们广告上刊登的高级生产策 划职位。

A: My name is Li Jian.


B: You had been in Beijing University, hadn’t you?


A: Yes. Seven years.


B: What degree do you have now?

是的。读了 7年。

A: Master of Marketing Management.


B: Do you have any experience in this field?


A: Yes. I worked at AB Company.


B: Why are you interested in the position?


A: Because you need a senior production planner who is good at mathematics and fluent in English. I think I am fit for the position.


B: All right. If we decide to hire you, we’d pay you 5, 000 yuan a month at the start. How do you think about it?

因为你们需要一名擅长数学且英语流利 的高级生产策划。我认为我适合这一职位。

A: That’s very good.

B:好的。如果我们决定雇用你,我们将付 给你每月5000元的起薪。你认为怎么样?



A: Good afternoon, Miss Mary.


B: Good afternoon, take a seat, please.


A: I’m John from Nanjing University. My major is Management.

A:我是约翰,来自南京大学,我的专业是管 理。

B: Have you been involved in managing work before?


A: Yes, I have helped my uncle manage his company in summer holiday.


B: Okay, let me tell you something about the job. We need some purchasing managers.

B:好,我告诉你一些工作的情况。我们最 近增加了几家分公司,所以我们需要几 个生产经理。

A: What would be my duty?


B: You are responsible for purchasing material and producing.



A: Good morning, sir. I'm Fang Meiling.


B: Sit down, please, Miss Fang. I’m Adolf from Personnel.


A: How do you do?


B: When you came, did you happen to notice all the building work going on?

B:来这儿的路上,你是不是刚好看到正在 进行的建筑施工?

A: Yes, I did.


B: Well, that’s the new office extension for testing product quality. Ifll be ready for use within this week, so that’s where you,d be working.

B:嗯,那是新扩建的检验产品质量的办公 地点。本周内就可完工使用,所以那就是你今后办公的地方。

A: Yes, I did read about It in the prospectus you sent me about the section.

A:是的,在你们寄给我的质检科规划书中 我读到过。

B: Now, I’d like to ask you some questions about your previous experience, if that’s all right?

B:好吧,如果可以的话,我想就你以前的经 历提几个问题,可以吗? .

A: Go right ahead.


B: Have you had any jobs before?


A: I became a weaver in a textile mill when I was 18, right after my graduation from a local senior high school. I worked very hard and concentrated my attention on reducing product cost and solving technical problems like broken ends.

A: 18岁时我成了一家纺织厂的织工,那时 我刚从本地一所高中毕业。我工作十分 努力,而且潜心钻研降低成本和解决断 头之类的技术难题。

B: What did all your efforts turn out to be?


A: Successful. So one years ago I was sent by the mill to a textile university in South China for further study.

A:很成功。因而1年前我被工厂送到南方 的一所纺织大学去深造。

B: What was your speciality?


A: Dress designing. I studied there for two years. I got straight As in all of the compulsory courses and easily passed such selective courses as Business Administration, Computing and Public Relations.

A:服装设计。我在那儿学了两年。我所有 的必修课成绩都是优秀,而且我轻松地 通过了像企业管理、计算机和公共关系 这样的选修课。

B: What did you do then?


A: I returned to the mill in the hope of developing my abilities. But soon I found it on the verge of bankruptcy due to a weak management.

A:我回到工厂,希望发挥所长。但没多久 我就发现,由于管理不善,工厂已处在破 产的边缘。

B: Did you ever make any suggestions to your management?


A: Yes, I did. But nobody listened. The mill closed down at the beginning of this year, and I became a laid-off employee like everybody else.

A:是的,我提过,可是没人听。工厂在今年 年初倒闭,而我和其他所有的人一样成 了失业人员。

B: It wasn't the only job you had, was it?


A: No. I got a job in an international chain store later, only to earn some money to see me through difficulty. I was in the clothes section.

A:不是的。后来我在一家国际连锁店找了 份工作,只是想挣点钱,好让我渡过难 关。我在服装部。

B: OK. Miss fang. As you know, everybody likes to criticize. What do people criticize about you?

B:好。方小姐,你也知道,每个人都喜欢吹 毛求疵。大家怎么评论你呢?

A: Well, some people have complained to me that I often expect them to perform beyond their abilities. To some others, I also have another weak point. I like to see a job done quickly, and I’m critical if it isn't. But these people all admit that I have the ability to take charge in emergencies.

A:哦,有些人向我抱怨过,说我常常在能力 方面对他们期望过高。对另外一部分 人,我还有一个缺点。我喜欢看到工作 能得到迅速处理,不然的话,我就会变得 苛刻起来。但是这些人都承认我有处理 紧急事务的能力。

B: Another question, Miss Fang. You see, in our company English is the working language. From this talk, I know your spoken English is good enough for you to communicate with your foreign colleagues. Can you write good English as well?

B:方小姐,还有一个问题。你明白,在我们 公司,英语是工作语言。从谈话来看,我 清楚你的英语口语足以使你同外国同事 交流思想。你能写出同样好的英语吗?

A: I’m sure I can. I started to learn English at the age of seven, and I’ve never stopped my English study. In fact, English was also one of the university compulsory courses I studied. By the way, I have the habit of keeping a diary, half in Chinese, half in English.

A:我肯定能行。我7岁就开始学英语了, 而且此后我从未间断学习英语。实际 上,英语也是我大学时的一门必修课。 顺便提一下,我有写日记的习惯,一半用 汉语写,一半用英语写。

B: Oh? lt must be a lot of fun. Well, according to your resume, you are 25 years old and unmarried, aren’t you?

B:噢?那一定很有趣吧。哦,据你的履历 来看,你是25岁,未婚,对不对?

A: Yes. I just turned 25 last week.


B: Well, I believe it’s a personal question, but can you tell me If you will get married and have a baby in the near future?

B:哦,我认为这是个私人问题,但是你能否 告诉我,近期你是否会结婚、生小孩?

A: Actually I’ll soon get married. But I don’t think I will have a baby within three years.

A:实际上我很快就要结婚。但是我想3年 之内我不会要小孩。

B: What’s your salary expectation here?


A: Why don't we discuss it after you decide if I’m fit for the position?

A:是不是等您确定我是合适的人选后,我 们再来讨论这个问题呢?

B: Good. Miss Fang, if we decide to hire you, we’ll notify you by telephone. Thanks for coming.

B:好。方小姐,如果我们决定雇用你,我们 就会通过电话与你联系。感谢你能来。

A: Thank you very much for giving me your time. I’ll be expecting your call. Good-bye.

A:非常感谢您抽出时间给我面试。我等你 们的电话。再见。

英语面试口语对话大全3-2-5: 外资银行在中国的发展前景

A: In your opinion, what is the future of the foreign funded bank in China?

A:你认为外资银行今后在中国的发展前景 如何?

B: China will open the financial industry in following the reform and opening and China's joining the World Trade Organization. The foreign funded bank in China will have a promising future.

B:随着中国的改革开放,以及中国加入世 贸组织,中国会逐步放开金融业。今后, 外资银行将会有很好的发展前景。

A: If one of your customers wants to borrow 8, 000 yuan from you in the name of himself, and the customer is a regular customer, how will you handle it?

A:如果你的一个客户想以他个人的名义向 你借8000元,而且这个客户是你的老顾 客,你会怎么处理这个事情呢?

B: I won’t lend the money to him. My work and my private life should be separated from each other. My customer is only a partner in my work. I can’t judge his personal quality, so I won’t lend him the money without careful thought.

B:我不会借,工作是工作,生活是生活,我 的客户只是我工作上的伙伴,我无法判 断他个人的品质,不会贸然地把钱借给 他。

A: Good.


英语面试口语对话大全3-2-4: 现金控制的一些知识

A: Good morning, Mr. Li. Could you tell me where you are employed?

A:早上好,李先生。你能告诉我你在什么 地方工作吗?

B: My former working unit is a medium-sized enterprise.


A: Can you tell me something about cash control?

A:你能告诉我关于现金控制的一些知识 吗?

B: Yes. In accounting, cash means all items that are acceptable for deposit in a bank.

B:好的。在会计学上,现金指的是可被银 行接受的所有存款项目。

A: What are they?


B: Such as paper money, coins, checks, money orders, bank deposits and so on.


A: Are you familiar with America-styled accounting?


B: Yes. I had worked as an assistant accountant with IBM China Inc.


A: That’s very good. You seem to have the right kind of experience, I’ll let you know the result of this interview next month.

A:那太好了。看来,你已经具有了我们所 要的经验。下个月我将让你知道这次面 试的结果。

B: Thank you for your interview with me, Mr. Brown. I will await your notification.

B:谢谢您对我的面试,布朗先生。我将等 候你们的通知。


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