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为方便大家备考笔译综合科目,不定期整理考试出现过的或者专八、GRE词汇。下面小编就和大家分享CATTI 英语笔译综合词汇学习,希望能够帮助到大家,来欣赏一下吧。

CATTI 英语笔译综合词汇学习

deluge /ˈdɛljuːdʒ/ TEM8

A deluge of things is a large number of them which arrive or happen at the same time. 泛滥

例:There was a deluge of requests for interviews and statements.


V-T If a place or person is deluged with things, a large number of them arrive or happen at the same time. 使充斥 [usu passive]

例:During 1933, Papen's office was deluged with complaints.


susceptible /səˈsɛptəbəl/ CET6 TEM8

If you are susceptible to something or someone, you are very likely to be influenced by them. 易受…影响的 [v-link ADJ 'to' n]

例:Young people are the most susceptible to advertisements.


例:James was extremely susceptible to flattery.


If you are susceptible to a disease or injury, you are very likely to be affected by it. 易受 (伤) 的; 易患 (病) 的

例:Walking with weights makes the shoulders very susceptible to injury.


homogeneous /ˌhəʊməˈdʒiːnɪəs, ˈhɒm-/ (also homogenous) CET6 TEM8

Homogeneous is used to describe a group or thing which has members or parts that are all the same. 同种类的 [正式]

例:The unemployed are not a homogeneous group.


monotonous /məˈnɒtənəs/ CET6+ TEM4

ADJ Something that is monotonous is very boring because it has a regular, repeated pattern which never changes. 单调的

例:It's monotonous work, like most factory jobs.


founder /ˈfaʊndə/ ( foundering, foundered, founders )

The founder of an institution, organization, or building is the person who got it started or caused it to be built, often by providing the necessary money. 创建人

例:He was one of the founders of the university's medical faculty.


If something such as a plan or project founders, it fails because of a particular point, difficulty, or problem. 失败

例:The talks have foundered, largely because of the reluctance of some members of the government to do a deal with criminals.



1.Even when we turn off the beside lamp and are fast asleep, electricity is working for us, driving our refrigerators, heating our water, or keeping our rooms air-conditioned. (现在分词正常使用)

即使在我们关掉了床头灯深深地进入梦乡时, 电仍在为我们工作: 帮我们开动电冰箱, 把水加热, 或使室内空调机继续运转。

2.Taking the train, the two friends arrived in Berlin in late October 1922, and went directly to the address of Chou-En Lai.


The farmer of 1800, using a hand sickle, could hope to cut a fifth of a hectare of wheat a day.


3.With the prices and house rents increasing rapidly, many young university graduates cannot earn their living, let alone support parents.


4.Situated at the base of the Mt. Lofty Ranges, Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate.


This area, noted for its beautiful scenery, was counted as one of the eight outstanding views of Beijing.



1. Television, it is often said, keeps one informed about current events, allow one to follow the latest developments in science and politics, and offers an endless series of programs which are both instructive and entertaining.

人们常说, 通过电视可以了解时事, 掌握科学和政治的最新动态。从电视里还可以看到既有教育意义又有娱乐性的层出不穷的新节目。(后置译法)

2. Taking his cue from Ibsen`s A Doll`s House, in which the heroine, Nora, leaves home because she resents her husband’s treating her like a child, the writer Lu Xun warned that Nora would need money to support herself; she must have economic rights to survive.

易卜生的剧作《玩偶之家》中的女主人公娜拉离家出走, 因为她憎恶她的丈夫像对待孩子一样来对待她。作家鲁迅从中得到启示, 从而告诫人们娜拉得需要钱来养活自己, 她要生存就必须有经济上的权利。(句首译法)

3. That sex ratio will be favored which maximizes the number of descendants an individual will have and hence the number of gene copies transmitted.


4. With the conclusion of a burst activity , the lactic acid level is high in the body fluids , leaving the large animal vulnerable to attack until the acid is reconverted , via oxidative metabolism , by the liver into glucose , which is then sent (in part )back to the muscles for glycogen resynthesis.

随着爆发出来的运动的结束,再体液中乳酸含量会变得很高,使得大型动物处于容易受到攻击的状态,直到乳酸通过有氧新陈代谢,被肝脏转化成(convert into)葡萄糖,而葡萄糖接下来又会(部分)传送回肌肉中重新合成糖原 。

5. Although Gutman admits that forced separation by sale was frequent,he shows that the slaves’ preference,revealed most clearly on plantations where sale was infrequent,was very much for stable monogamy.


6. This preference for exogamy,Gutman suggests,may have derived from West African rules governing marriage,which,though they differed from one tribal group to another,all involved some kind of prohibition against unions with close kin.

古特曼表示,这种对于外部通婚的偏爱很有可能缘起于西部非洲制约着婚姻的规定,尽管这些规定在一个和另一个部落群体之间不尽相同,但都涉及到某种对近亲联姻(union with close kin)的禁止。


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